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I believe that magic should exist and since it doesn’t at least I can write about it. I write stories that I want to read, with themes of found family, magic, and making choices.


First Publication

I published my first story on Kindle Vella when it launched in July 2021.


First Novel

Magic’s Toll: Fatebound - The prequel to Magic’s Toll: Cursebound was published on Amazon in November 2021.


My Secret Spicy Book

The Singing Waves was launched in November 2021 on Kindle Vella. It is my only spicy serial and it is on-going on Kindle Vella. New Episodes are posted monthly.

About Toni Binns

Author of Magic's Toll: Cursebound
Gets up way too early to write.
Gamer for life.

Toni Binns’s forever home is in the PNW with her husband. She grows a giant garden, makes time for board gaming, and takes photos of her flowers. Someday she will get a dog and maybe some chickens. Toni loves to write about fantasy worlds where magic is real. Her most recent book Choice of the Traveler includes her favorite character of all time, but she isn’t telling who it is - no matter how much whiskey and chocolate you offer.
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New Adult Fantasy

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