Tropes: Found Family, Chosen One, Hidden Identities, Prophecy, Falling Fast, Sibling Bonds, Portal Fantasy

The only way to save her family is to die.

Sabriella is the odd one out. A nephelium without wings, the middle child of three, and hunches of what might happen. But her world is shifted when visions of the future fill her head with blood, feathers, and demons taking over Terra.

Her visions urge her to hide, she is being hunted and if caught, her family would perish. Sabriella becomes Susan with the help of the very ones she is protecting. The stakes increase as the one hunting her joins forces with demons who invade.

Tables turn, and she must become the hunter.

Will Susan be able to find out who is hunting her and her family, while surviving the demon invasion?

Coming January 2024!

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