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Choice of the Traveler

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PREORDER - Release April 2023
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Betha is a human in a world full of Others. Or at least she thinks she is. Sometimes all you need is a fresh start. That's what Betha is looking for by transferring to St. Luna’s University. Instead, everything she thought she knew about herself is rewritten. Demons invade the world and life gets put on hold. Her shifter friends are being drafted to fight in the war to come, unless she can do something to stop it. With her best friend Angie by her side and guards to protect her will they be able to stop the invasion? And will Betha figure out the truth about what she really is, not just what she is told? If found family, awkward flirting, and unknown magic are your thing, pick up Choice of the Traveler today! Publishing Dates: Book 1 Choice of the Traveler - April 2023 Book 2 Bones of the Traveler - July 2023 Book 3 To be Titled - October 2023