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Choice of the Traveler

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PREORDER - Release April 2023
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A human caught in a world of Others. A destiny she can’t escape… Betha transferred to St. Luna’s University in search of a fresh start. Instead, everything she thought she knew is challenged. Demons invading the world. The lives of her shifter friends are in jeopardy. A war between the two sides has begun. As powers Betha didn’t know she had begin to emerge, hopes of stopping the invasion fall to her. With her best friend, Angie, and two muscle-bound guards by her side, will she be able to unlock the truth of her lineage in time? Or will a cloak of darkness and despair shroud the land? If found family, awkward flirting, and unknown magic are your thing, pick up Choice of the Traveler today! Publishing Dates: Book 1 Choice of the Traveler - April 2023 Book 2 Bones of the Traveler - July 2023 Book 3 To be Titled - October 2023